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Welcome beta testers!

Privowny App is looking for its tribe and beyond.

We developed state-of-the-art technology to secure your personal data and empower you to fully own it. Now we need your feedback to improve our product’s usability.

What’s in it for you?

Your data is what makes you, you. It tells your story, who you are, what you do, how you grow, so it really shouldn’t belong to anybody but you.

You enjoy all Privowny App’s latest features for free. You get your say on how it should look, feel and work. You help shape Privowny App for the future. You become part of a community of privacy-centric people.

Share your experience

We need you to keep us in check and push us to be as brave as we need to be to achieve our common goal.

Joining our community – top FAQs

Who can participate in the beta program?

The Privowny App Beta Program is open to everyone who accepts the Terms and Conditions during the registration process. We may not be available in your country yet though, but most countries are supported. Click on the “Try Privowny App” button on this website, and go download our newest version. If the program becomes too popular, we will limit the number of testers in the Beta Program, but we are currently welcoming anybody willing to help out!

How do I provide my feedback to Privowny?

We encourage you to share your impressions, feature requests, and the improvements you’d like to see. You can share your feedback in a few different places:

  • In the product through our contact forms. Don’t hesitate to reach out as you are experiencing the product!
  • Through regular surveys. We are planning on sending surveys regularly to understand your needs and make sure we are answering your questions as fast as possible.
  • Through user testing. We may ask you to enroll in specific testing tasks. This could happen by email or in-app. Stay tuned.
  • By reaching out to our support team: if you want to provide immediate feedback, you can always send an email to customer-support[at]
  • By joining our forum and participating in the discussions. Click on the Zendesk button and follow the prompts to join the online community.

How do I get help with Privowny App beta releases?

We have an extensive Help Center that will answer most of your questions. Should you need more help, don’t hesitate to contact our support team to help troubleshoot and resolve beta feature issues.

Does it cost money to join as a beta tester?

The Privowny App Beta Program is free, you will be able to enjoy all our features at no cost.

When is the production release planned for?

Privowny App is meant to stay as a beta version for people to play with for free and give us feedback. Our production versions will be commercialized by businesses that will find value in our product for their customers and we will customize it to fit their needs.

What would happen to my data if the beta program stopped?

Your data is yours and yours only. If, for whatever reason you need your data out of our product you can go to your “My account” page anytime and export it as a PDF or JSON file. You can then re-import it to one of our production versions at some point if you wish or to another provider. In addition to being committed to giving you all the flexibility and transparence over your data, Privowny is GDPR compliant so the portability of your data is very important to us.